Double up from same team in first two rounds

What’s good footclan? I am in a 12 man ppr with the 10th pick. There are numerous ways to go here but certain situations keep coming up in mock drafts: Should I double up? Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen. Barkley and OBJ. Julio and Freeman. All of these are possibilities that have come up. Would yall do something like this??

I’m considering the same in one of my leagues. I love the Melvin and Keenan duo personally. Keenan will be a beast in PPR and I think Melvin will be close to what he was last year. I had Julio and Freeman on my squad last year, wound up disappointed.

Doubling up at skill positions is a fools errand. I try to avoid it if at all possible. Severley caps your upside in any given game and concentrates risk of your team. If your team flops that one week, you’re totally screwed.

Why not do Barkley / JJ or Gordon / JJ or OBJ / Freeman (although i’d much rather get another elite WR here)?

When given the choice, I will always avoid stacking skilled positions.

I would double up if it’s the best guy available at each pick. I wouldn’t go in with the strategy to double up but if it happened, I wouldn’t shy away from it.

I think Julio and Freeman are a distant third in those pairs

Yeah the plan is certainly not to do it but I am all about BPA or value. So if Gordon in the first and Allen in the second is the best then I will go for it IMO