Doubts on conner this week!

Would you start anybody else besides james conner this week cause of the matchup???
Options: mark Ingram, nick chubb
Full ppr

I’m playing Conner over Ingram. I would play him over Chubb as well. Not without worries.

I Hope so cause last time they played he didn’t reach double digit numbers.

The numbers do look bad…

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Yes and no. The only ones that really give me pause are Mixon in week 2 and Hyde in week 5. Look at the volume. They are the only RBs to get double digit carries without scoring double digit fantasy points. Ingram falls into that category as well, HOWEVER, I leave him out because he is a clear share (really second back) with Kamara. Lead backs with double digit carries have done just fine (not great by any means) against Baltimore’s defense. What they do very well is defend against RB receptions. Conner has been better as the season goes on, but I don’t believe (and I am too lazy to find the evidence to support this completely off the top of my head analysis) that receptions are the primary source of his points. It is his carries. The higher his volume, the better he gets. He absolutely seems to be one of those guys that gets better as the game goes (as does the line) and is able to maintain his production late in the game as defenses wear a bit.

Is it my favorite matchup? No. But I still take him over Chubb and easily over Ingram.

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