Doug Baldwin for Robinson?

Would you trade away Baldwin to get Allen Robinson? My other WRs are amari, Agholor, enunwa, josh Gordon, mike Williams, Geronimo Allison

Yes. I would do that trade. Trubisky sucks but ARob is dominating targets and air yards on that team. Decent floor and he’s going to score TDs eventually.

Also who you drop (if any) to pick up Andy dalton I have Stafford and I need huge upside as I’m projected to lose by 30

Thats a toss up. I think Robinson has a higher floor but lower ceiling. Im in 2 league and I have Baldwin in one and Robinson in the other. Baldwin def has a higher ceiling and a similar floor but I’m worried his knees are going to being a lingering issue.

Baldwin has more risk but also has potential for more reward.
Robinson is more consistent and predictable, but dont expect multiple touchdown games

who is available. dalton is a very good option as he’s going up again a falcons defense that can’t stop shit

Baldwin’s upside is much higher IMO. Trubisky is just not good. If Baldwin comes back (even if it is in 1-2 weeks) and him and Russell start clicking, you will regret it.

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Agree with this whole heartedly. I just don’t want to deal with a 30 year old dude with no knees for rest of the season who can get injured at any time. I’d rather just lock up the target/air yards hog in ARob.

And I’d argue that they have similar ceilings if Trubisky can ever figure his shit out. Big IF. But I mean, we’ve seen Bortles deliver and I think that Nagy is going to simplify the offense a bit for Trubisky so he can play more off instinct cause he is struggling to digest the offense and make the live reads. I rarely see him making it to his 3rd progression in the game. He just looks lost.

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Yeah you know your shit. Robinson is his go to. I’m glad I have him in one of my leagues. sadly the laugh has bullshit rules. half point ppr. whole points only, no fractions. 1 point for every 20 receiving yards but 1 point for every 10 rushing… so a double handicap on WRs… fucking bullshit and I’m stacked in the WR category too… A. Brown, A. Robinson, R. Woods, K. Golladay, C. Ridley.

I digress

Oh wow. That is actually just ridiculous scoring format lol. Almost makes it like a standard league with the half ppr doesn’t really matter. How can you have a half ppr league that only does whole points… that literally makes no sense.

I personally would’ve just packed up my shit and bid fairwell to that league lol.