Doug Baldwin or Alshon Jeffery

Doug Baldwin and Alshon Jeffery are both on my waiver wire, who would you rather have the rest of the season?

Alshon is completely healed from successful rotator cuff surgery and the Philly press is quite clear this weekend that the illness is truly just that; something that’s going around the locker room, so disregard Jason (or was it Mike’s?) suggestion in Friday podcast that is an “illness” in quotes and that his shoulder could still be bothering him.

Baldwin, on the other hand, will apparently be dealing with this problem perpetually going forward.

I think I’d rather have Alshon since his injury seems to be truly behind him. But when you also consider the way he and Wentz started to click for big plays during the second half of the season last year, things could be really good for him this year.

I think Baldwin will be a bit of a headache all year.

I appreciate the response I am pretty stacked at receiver already I just wanted to add another in case my Thielen, will Fuller or Marvin Jones or Julian Edelman gets hurt

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