Doug Baldwin owners. What you we doing?

Baldwin has disappointed and has not produced. He isnt going to be started unless you are bad at wr depth. Are we selling, buying, dropping? I am thinking about dropping him for eakler

I am crying. As I have been since I stupidly drafted him in the 4th round this year.
Too risky to drop, too rubbish to start.
The ultimate catch 22 player

wasnt a stupid pick. who knew the guy was going to get hurt more and flop when he plays

Nah I knew at the time when I drafted that I was drafting an injured player, I just believed he’d be fit sooner.
Then he injured other parts and never really recovered.
Added to Seattle’s new run heavy offence.

Draft regret is not taking the safer Juju S-S at that spot, but risking it with Baldwin. So it goes. I will learn from it and not risk it next year with players.

baldwin has done great in years past. Yeah I think we all wish we had drafted juju in the 4th or so. hes produced a ton

Especially as I’m a Steelers fan lol. I suspect you may be also with your avatar!

I’ll never doubt you again Juju my man!

I think you just gotta chalk it up to a bad year at this point. Even if he turns it on and has a big game, would you trust starting him the next week? I have him in 2 leagues, but both are pretty deep so there’s no one I would feel good about dropping him for. Fortunately I’m ok at receiver in both leagues, but Baldwin has been super disappointing.

For what it’s worth though, I would drop him for Ekeler. Sounds like Gordon will miss at least a game but more likely a few games.