Doug Baldwin trade question

So I made this trade a few weeks before the Doug Baldwin news came out

I give up Amari Cooper, 2019 Rookie Draft 4th

I got Marlon Mack, 2019 Rookie 2nd and…of course Doug Baldwin.

I knew Baldwin was banged up and might not get a ton out of him but figured I’d get something…

Is it fair to ask the owner that I made the trade with to take Baldwin back for a 2020 4th in light of this news or should I just eat the loss?

Once a trade happens, I see no reason to change it if something happens involving a player in the deal. If I was the other owner, I wouldn’t give the draft pick back and I don’t think there is any argument why he should have to, so I would just eat the loss.


I might ask in case the person is feeling charitable but not expecting anything

Yep i’d say its luck of the draw man, just didn’t pan out for ya this time but i’d say getting marlon mack is pretty good though, he should be beasting this season.

Dont even ask.


Have to honor the trade.


You knew the risks at the time. You just need to take it. Btw if the trade was Mack and 2nd for Cooper and 4th I would call that trade a win anyway

hahaha I’m sorry but no trade backs homie.

Gotta take your lumps on this one man, sorry to hear it.

You have to eat the loss. You made a trade based on information at the time. Things change, everyone has to deal with it.

Sucks but you just have to suck it up and take the loss. Baldwin has been banged up for a while and had surgery, and there has been talk of retirement for weeks. One a trade is done, that is it. If something happens weeks later, can’t expect to get anything back. Bad form to even ask.

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The trade wound up being

I got Marlon Mack and Justice Hill

he got Amari Cooper and Myles Boykin

I might be minority but I’d really be OK with the trade

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Def not in the minority, I think that’s very fair and could fit specific needs for both teams.

It doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst that can happen is that owner says no and you both move on