Doug Baldwin Value

Does the Marshall Signing in Seattle help or hurt Baldwins Value ? Or does it do nothing at all??

It will hurt his value. It should not affect his production.


i like the way you put that. value going down, making him more valuable, because his production stays the same. im of the same mind. marshall doesnt scare me for baldwins ability to produce.

Well said.

Totally agree with this. BMarsh’s is basically a redzone replacement for Jimmy Graham. Baldwin was never a redzone guy so don’t think this impacts his production at all but will scare others away so you will be able to get him at a better value.

He’ll lose some of his targets, especially in the red zone. That should help with his efficiency though, since the opposing defense has more to pay attention to. Maybe he drops a rank, not a tier.

Contrary to popular belief, Marshall’s efficiency in the redzone has been absolutely horrible over the past couple of seasons. So I don’t think this is actually true. I think out of 20 targets, he only caught 3 TDs. Jimmy Graham was almost double the efficiency in the redzone. Baldwin wasn’t really their main redzone through anyways so don’t think any of this impacts his true production.

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