Doug Baldwin, when to call it a day?

Roster below, standard 12 team. Is Baldwin droppable given the state of his knees, lack of practice and Hawks offense in general? Not 100% who I’d pick up yet but someone with upside like a Callaway is interesting.

QB Cam
RBs Gordon, Cook, Murray, Mixon, Coleman, Kerryon
WRs Green, Baldwin, Edelman, Davis, Hogan
TE Gronk
K and DST streaming

I don’t think so. Baldwin is a premier WR when he’s healthy and would be one of the very few options for Russell once he starts playing again, if he indeed does. I don’t think Callaway is worth dropping that potential for.

I’ll admit I’m having a small tilt with him but I feel I’m solid enough to hold him on the bench. I guess I should really see him play to see how this knee is, week 1 unfortunate

I personally want nothing to do with the Seahawks this year at every position. I don’t think Baldwin is droppable, but you may want to try packaging him into a trade to get a better WR.