Doug for Doug?

Full point ppr, 8 man league, currently 6-1. We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs, and 2 flexes. Should I give Doug Baldwin to get Doug Martin? He also has Kamara. Should I go for him instead? Should I give away someone else? Take note that he wants a wr

Current RBs: J. Ajayi, K. Hunt, M. Ingram, I. Crowell, J. Allen
Wrs: D. Baldwin, A. Brown, D. Thomas, D. Amendola, D. Funchess, A. Thielen

I dont see any of those RB’s improving your team so i would not do this… you are 6-1 do not fix whats not broken… However, you do have ingram so if he gets hurt Kamara will turn into a stud but that is a big IF.