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Doug Martin and Fuller for Hunt?


I get hunt. Any thoughts?

My new roster would be

Rbs: Shady, Freeman, Hunt, L Murray
WRs: M Thomas, Dez, D Thomas, Tate, Cooper


Pull the trigger on this trade yesterday… lol seriously you’re getting the best RB in football (if not, top 3) for someone you picked up off waivers with an RB2 maybe. Maybe it’s just me but I’m all over this trade if I’m you. Kareem Hunt is the real deal


this is extreme trade rape. Hunt is gonna be fantasy mvp this year. I agree pull the trigger yesterday


Please get on this. Absolutely.


He’s interested but he’s not biting. What if I offer Martin, Fuller, and Shady for Jordan’s awkward and Hunt


I doubt it. Hunt > Shady Howard and Doug are about even. Fuller doesn’t move the needle enough for me.


Please do this trade asap! Fuller is getting 4 targets a game…no way he keeps that up!!!