Doug Martin for Dez Bryant?

The person I am trading to just lost Dalvin (probably) and has an injured ty monty. They seem open to accepting trades but not sure who to ask for.

My other RBs are Hunt, Gurley, Crowell, Cohen, Quizz. My WRs are Brown, Davante Adams, Parker.

Or, should I aim lower for them and go for Rishard Matthews, Martavius Bryant, or Jarvis Landry (I am also the DeVante Parker owner).

i would take that trade for dez, i would not take it for any of those other middle tier WRs

Would it be better to trade one of my middle tier RBs for a middle tier WR?

If it was me, I would try to package 2 for 1. Offer something like Crowell and Parker or Martavius for Dez. Thats the first offer I would shoot.