Doug Martin for Evan Engram?

PSA: New to FF and to trades: Someone in my league offered to trade me Doug Martin for Evan Engram last week. We went back and forth with a few counter offers but he dragged his feet and the trade didn’t go through. Today, he came back and said he is still willing to do it.

I need to get a more solid RB 2 with Ty Montgomery not at 100%, and other than Melvin Gordon, the rest of my guys are RB3s at best. My concern is, that especially with Martin coming off a bad game, that this isn’t a balanced trade. However, with ASJ as a backup TE for me, am I really losing that much? Standard scoring league, roster listed below. Thanks Footclan!

RB: Melvin Gordon, Ty Montgomery, Alex Collins, Frank Gore, Rob Kelley

TE: Evan Engram, ASJ

I would definitely take that trade if I were you. Martin has tons of volume and he would be a solid RB2 for you each week with RB1 potential. Also like you said, ASJ is very solid so I wouldn’t mind giving up Engram since you have him

Take Doug all day