Doug martin for jordy nelson

This is gonna sound crazy but yeah I can get Nelson


QB: Prescott
Rb: levbell
Rb: mccoy
Wr1: Michael thomas
Wr2: Davante adams
Te: ertz
Flex: martin

Bench: mixon, buck allen, john brown, mcfadden, palmer, mack, breida.

My only concern is I also have adams on the team. But this is an obvious accept, no?

I would make that deal :+1:t2: I’d try and make a package deal or something to get rid of DeVante Adams. I’m afraid of his role without Rodgers


Mighty mikings you’ve been a beast all over the forums tonight… Should I trade martin for crabtree? Jordy deal fell through.

This one is not as obvious as the first one. You definitely need a receiver on your team but I also like what Doug Martin has been doing this year. Plus Tampa Bay is done with their bye. I’d be looking for another way of getting a receive via waivers or other trade options with less of a price tag :+1:t2: Maybe like an Agholor or something :tipping_hand_man:t3:

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