Doug Martin for Larry Fitz and Fuller?

My receivers are pretty rough but have a solid rb core. I have Jordy and Crabtree as my only wideouts and have Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, and Doug Martin. Would you trade away Doug Martin for Larry Fitzgerald and Will Fuller? Jordy is making me nervous going forward but then again so is fitz and Idk if I can lean on fuller. Also I am a bubble team and kareem and Melvin still haven’t had their bye weeks so that might complicate things if I trade dougie. What would you do?

I would try and get a better receiver than fitz with the palmer injury. you can sell Martin for a WR2 at least and fitz isn’t going to do enough with Stanton. I was just able to sell fitz and am glad that I did

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Yes to above. I’m scared of Fitz without Carsey Palmey Alert; you can do better

Aim higher. Fitz wont be the same since palmer is gone. I dont chase touchdowns, thats exactly what youll be doing with fuller. He’s a wr3 at best, he wont score TDs at this clip all season

Fuller definitely won’t sustain his TD rate but the dude can ball out

Jordy is an elite talent I would much rather have him on my roster every week compared to Fitz or fuller. I would keep Dougie, he hasn’t been able to get anything going since returning but he should get it together.