Doug Martin or kamara PPR

I started mccaffrey in my rb2 spot as I have M Gordon in my RB1 spot-left my flex open and wondering who to start in my PPR league-I wish the panthers could figure out how to use Mccaffrey–Cam doesn’t seem interested in going his way like he should in my opinion!!! Thanks…

Kamara or Doug Marin in my flex spot

Martin. Good thing you started mccoffeesticks over kamara :wink:

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Wish mccaffrey was on a different team-Cam looks to go long way too much-rarely takes the short dump pass to him-I am very frustrated with him on the panthers-

I don’t know if you watched the game, but benjamin and mcaffrey got all of their targets.


I know mccaffrey isn’t a between the tackles Rb but he has so much potential and J Stew can’t do a thing-might as well run CMac-I’m happy with the points I got tonight-got 10 over his prediction but very frustrated-

Not much yards but that’s why I like PPR I guess-

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