Doug Martin vs PERINE week 6

Hi guys needing some quick help.

Standard 12 man league.

  1. Doug Martin vs that stout Cards D or

  2. Perine vs that leaky 49ers D.

RB1: Howard
RB2: Gurley

WR1: Mike Evans
WR:2 Kelvin

FLEX: Martin / Perine?!

Good question. I have Martin and Perine is on the waivers and I don’t know is if I should make a move on Perine

Hahah somebody wise help us. :sweat_smile:

Perrine will have early downs and goal line but not passing downs (thompson gets those downs). Arizona has a good line but They will not be able to key in on Martin. Bucs have a very good passing attack with Evans, Jackson, brate, etc.

Martin would be my choice

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I’d flex Martin. He likely won’t put up as many points as last week but Perine honestly has not looked good. He’d rack up points because of volume but think Martin has more upside and also will get similar volume.

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