Doug Martin, Woodhead, or Drake?

Standard League. Drakes volume concerns me. Martin has good matchup. Woodhead idk what to think. Pick 1 please. Thanks.

It is unlikely the the bucs will build an overwhelming lead like other teams have. Drake should be great this week. Martin is getting volume and should also do well. Woodhead is a big question mark this first week back. I think dolphins could lead the game in the second half which will give drake extra volume ifbhebdoesnt see it in the first half. Go with drake.

I’m rolling Woodhead. He’s going to beast I think. Look for Flacco to dump him the ball

I would go Martin. I expect a bounce back. Woodhead is just too risky this week for my taste. He’s on my bench in a lot of my leagues but with high hope moving forward

I would also go Martin but tempted to switch in drake last minute if I get panicked.

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