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Doug Martin worth it?


Just found Doug Martin on the waiver wire in my league. Snatched him up and have him sitting by. Question is, will be a good play week to week or is it still early to tell?


Ya absolutely. He has no business being on waivers thats crazy.


The dude who has Jacquizz missed him I guess. Next question is would it be worth it to pick up David Johnson and hang on to him till he recovers?


Good for you! He will be good dude.


That’s insane that he was on waivers. It’s risky trying to trade for him right now because there is talk of him not starting right away. But if you got him on wires you could be set up really nicely in a few weeks!


Yeah picked him up as a free agent pretty easily. Didn’t think I’d find him but thought what the hell.

Do you guys think David Johnson is worth stashing? I found him on the wire as well.