Doug Martin?!? You high on him or nah?

My team is in need of RB depth and I’m willing to trade for him, but not sure it’s worth it.

Is his O-Line any good?
Is he fully healthy?
Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance :smile:

I’m on him. Keep him if you have him. Idk extent of his o line but it’s a high powered offense that will be up a lot and if they aren’t, he catches passes. Hes been an rb1 before and I think 2 1400+ yard seasons. And great playoff schedule for a running back. I bought him every time I could. And look into his contract. I know there are 1.7 mill in bonuses up for grabs starting this year.

I like Martin to be a good rb2 once he is back. Weather you trade for him depends what you have to give up.

He’s on the RB1 fringe in points per game. Looked good in the preseason and like previously stated, has some incentives in his contract to perform.