Down 105 points! I got this!

1st place in my league… 12-1 record!

Down 105 points!

He has ZERO players to play!

My Team!
QB Jared Goff
RB Todd Gurley
WR Michael Thomas
WR Brandin Cooks
TE Zach Ertz

Lets fucken go! I’m ready for this!

How confident are you in your match ups! #LetsTalk!

It does seem doable. If you make up 105 points you will NEVER forget this… Good luck!

BTW, I’m playing against Gurley and Ertz, but have Cooks and Thomas and lead by 36 so most of your players will also impact my game.

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Hope we find a way to pull this off! :sunglasses:

that game killed you

Crazy man! I’m done! Going for 3rd!

dont worry, the combined forces of ertz k allen hill and goff doomed me. wish you luck getting 3rd

im down 87 with M. Thomas, Kamara, CMC and Curtis Samuel to play tonight lol