Down 20 from last week, help me pick the BOOM lineup

half point ppr, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (players in bold in lineup)


Kamara, Carson, Mack, Sanders, Hyde

Kupp, Deebo, Curtis Samuel, Pascal (rip evans)

Andrews, OJ

Kamara, Carson, Sanders, Kupp, Deebo and OJ

alright curious what makes you feel oj over andrews? its been in a couple other threads. deciding the same thing for my squad

I have Andrews as well and I have decided today I can’t play him. The way everyone’s phrasing the news is he is gonna give it a go or attempt to play. Not very assuring. Plus, if they get up big like they expect to, why would you risk it when you have 2 other more than serviceable tight ends?

He is going to get 20-30 snaps and my guess is 4 receptions max. If one isn’t a TD you’re screwed. I have Fant and Higbee on my roster and I just feel better going with one of them. Might pick up Ian Thomas though if Olsen is out

unfortunately for me none of those others are available. Fant is but im starting sutton and that seems like a bad stack with a rookie qb

Actually I don’t know if you have seen Jasons twitter post last night but as of late the Chiefs are the best defense against Wide receivers and it isn’t even close apparently. Might want to pivot from Sutton.

Im actually not on twitter so i havent seen it. but thats not great news…

Andrews injury has me concerned, so OJ is peeking at me

i think its oj or njoku for me…