Down 22 on Monday Night

Michel went down but Saquon and E Engram left so see what new way I can lose this one this week. The fantasy football God’s usually take these situations where you have hope and shred your soul. :wink:

LOL…I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although, I seem to be in their GOOD GRACES this week, cuz I probably will be 2nd in points for the week by the end of tonight’s game, so I must have done something really, really noble this week!!! Just wish I knew what the hell it was so I could make sure to make it a daily deed from here on out!!! :grin:

Yeah… felt good this week and dude I am playing had to start K Benjamin and Ekeler because of bye issues and of course Gordon sits and KB matches his season’s stats in 1 game. Bah lol. There’s some voodoo ritual out there, I’m sure of it, and no one shares the secret

Now THAT was funny!!! It literally DID make me LOL!!!

Let’s go offense! No defense!

Yeah Shep! I just want non stop scoring tonight. Zero “clock management”

Ugh. I am not on schedule at all. 53 points to go. This is so stressful. My season hangs in the balance pretty much. If I lose I’ll be paying much less attention to fantasy and more to my picking against spread groups ROS. Which will be sad Bc fantasy is so fun

Come on buddy…don’t give up yet!!! It’s only half-way through the season…and as I’m sure you know…ANYTHING can happen from week to week. Every year seems to get crazier and crazier…this year being NO EXCEPTION!!! Still LOTS of FFB to be played…and I got faith in you. I’ve conversed enough with you over the past few years that I think you know enough about this stuff to pull off at least a P/O showing!!!

I know full well however, how frustrating it can get when you have multiple BAD weeks. Trust me…I’ve lost the past three weeks horribly. Will prob end up 2nd in points this week AND A WIN!!! Suddenly taking a good turn for me this week…as over half of my league suddenly took a bad turn this week!!!

I just started 0-4 and don’t think I can afford another loss until later in the season if at all. And WTF ARE THE FALCONS DOING. Stop running!

Finally, jesus.

Matt Ryan does this every so often too where he gets frustrated and has bad body language and just gets everyone down and fucks up the team’s attitude. He’s being a baby Bc he got sacked a couple times. Play foot all you little B

SEEEEE!!! There ya go!!! Anything can happen!!! Just PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!!! And from one “friend” to another… :muscle:

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Points needed so of course this will be a defensive battle

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I believe Murphy’s law is in full effect tonight.

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With my luck, the Giants will dominate possession and just kick field goals

If it makes you feel any better…he lives in my house somewhere. I ain’t found his little ass yet…but that little bastard is hiding out somewhere in here…and I WILL find him…and when I do…LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL!!!

Also, Giants o-line is hilariously pathetic. Falcons defensE is a complete embarrassment and it is getting nothing but compliments so far lol.

I’m going on the dark web to see if I can locate and learn the voodoo ritual and make something happen

You got my support there buddy!!! Those “peeps” have a “way” about them!!! Might want to use them myself at some point!!!

See if they have some good drugs too to ease the pain