Down 48 in a half ppr. Help anyone please!

I have Cam, cmc and can start one of the Panthers WRs out of either d.j or Samuel. Who should I go with at WR out of the two? What are my odd of winning considering cam has pooped his big boy pants as of late and both Barkley and fournette and kittle all had stinkers for me yesterday along with my kicker rosas. Please help ballers. This is to go to the ship.

Maybe samuel, it’s kinda too close to confidently pick one over the other. Samuel has been getting more attention lately and the occasional run chance lead me to lean samuel but don’t start samuel solely because i picked him. If you like moore go with him, your gut got you here might as well roll with it.

Thanks. I have considered. Especially since Samuel has been the one scoring more of the TDs. Just would like to see what some of y’all thoughts are and maybe it’ll change my confidence meter

You’re going to need big games from cmc and cam