Down by 15 and having an absolutely crazy thought

I’m down by 15. It was a bad week. I played Mattison. F*** me for using logic and thinking he could move the ball against the most pathetic defense in the NFL, right?

I also decided to stack Big Ben and Eric Ebron. Another winning combination.

So, my opponent has Josh Allen tonight. I have CEH. I’m probably screwed, right?

So here’s my idea and it’s a crazy one:

I’m thinking about playing Kenyan Drake @ Dallas instead of CEH @ Buffalo.

So far, every Cowboys game has been a shootout. Dallas has allowed 30+ points to RBs in only 2 games though and Drake has looked like he’s running in mud. I think he’s been playing hurt, personally. But there is that chance that maybe this is the week he gets right and blows up for me.

CEH is playing the Bills, who have consistently allowed about 24+ RB points to every team except the Jets and even they scored 19 RB points.

I need at least 35 points to even have a chance here. I’m probably going to lose, but do I have a better shot at a miracle by starting CEH and hoping it’s his big swan song @ Buffalo or rolling the dice with Drake @ Dallas, who might have a better chance of allowing a big game on the ground?

def CEH and it’s not really even a 2nd thought for me

Yeah I think I went temporarily insane for a minute there. CEH at least gets passing work.

CEH and not even close. Trust the Offense and get one more game of CEH until Bell pokes his nose into things.