Down by 4-points entering tonight to secure playoff birth

Have the option of playing K.Coutee or C.Davis in a HalfPPR…

Coutee has shown the higher floor; Davis the higher upside (with Mariota playing). I just need a WIN. Help secure a playoff bid, FOOTCLAN!

Play Davis.
I argue his floor is better than coutee with thomas now on the texans.

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Plus, Davis should at least get 5 points. I’d trust Davis as the WR1 over Coutee.

I am in a silmilar position, need 5 points to win and can play Corey Davis or Dion Lewis. I cannot decide who has a safer floor

Same with me I am deciding between Lewis and Coutee, need about 10 points. I cannot decide

Check the fantasy footballers instagram! they just posted your thread and people are helping in the comments!

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Keke got 9 targets last week compared to DT’s 1. This was the first week they were both on the field together, so I’m not too worried about DT taking away potential from Keke. Both defenses are solid so that doesn’t help.

Mariota’s health gives me a bit of pause, and I don’t trust Davis with Gabbert. Honestly think I’d lean Keke but it’s really close.

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Definitely would lean like myself. I don’t like the idea of a banged up mariota throwing the ball to get me my fantasy points. Last week we got to see what the Texans look like with both Thomas and keke, and it seems there is a clear favorite. That could always change this week, but even if Thomas winds up taking a few attempts from keke, he has the speed to get atleast 50 yards out of 3-4 catches. Either way it’s a sticky choicr regardless, but I’d roll with keke.

Star struck :smile: – and nearly a dead-even split based on the comments.

im playing keke and in ppr he only needs like 2 or so catches. Good luck!

I am leaning Coutee too.

Consensus rankings have Davis > Coutee.
Per PFF, Texans have the better OL/DL matchup for passing than the Titans, and Coutee has the better CB/WR matchup than Davis.

I think I am going with Lewis, playing the odds of more touches.

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I agree with Lewis over a WR all day. Touches = opportunity and Lewis won’t be out of the passing game either. This is the safest bet at 5 or 10 points.


I’ll second the RB > WR. Titans might be dumping off quick to avoid the Houston rush (cough JJ Monster Truck Watt) and that plays into Lewis’ style

AND THERE IT IS! Corey Davis with 2 Rec and 79 yards. Thank you footclan!


Looks like both Davis and Lewis would have got you guys the 5 or 10 you needed in full ppr, Coutee wouldn’t have got either with his 2 for 14.

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I done told you man! Done told you to start Davis.

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That you did, man – and i did! Playoffs clinched!


Lol. Yea. I needed to win this week to remain in contention. 1st and 2nd place are 9-3. 3rd place is a three way tie with a 7-5 record. We have two more weeks to go for playoffs (weeks 15 & 16). I’m nervous about week 16 though. Could see a quite a few players benched.