Down to $29 already by Week 5

I’m new to FAAB this season, so I guess I have spent quite a bit overall cause every time I went for someone in the waivers in the first few weeks I was nervous I would lose bids (I did here and there), and so I always threw in some cash here and there to bid for players.

Now I’ve got the least amount of money left in my 10 man league. The average amount that’s left in each team is about $60, with the highest being a guy who still has $92 left.

I’m wondering, will I be okay for the rest of the season with just $29 left? Did I majorly f*** up the first 5 weeks by spending so much?

You’re good

I wouldn’t worry too much. What did you get with your money? Most of the players worth having ROS pop within the first 5 weeks.

It’s only my second season of Fantasy Football and my first time doing an auction bid/FAAB system so I was very new to it.

Here’s what I’ve spent so far
$30 - Evan Engram (ended up dropping him when he got hurt…a bad move there, I should’ve stashed)
$18 - Dion Lewis (complete waste of money there)
$5 - OJ Howard (stashing him right now)
$2 - SEA Def (realise I shouldn’t have spent any money on a defense since I’m streaming week to week)
$5 - Vance McDonald (worried that everyone would want him, so I paid a bit, now I’m dropping him for C.Brate)
$1 - Ten Def (yet again, stupid mistake here)
$3 - Keelan Cole (overpaid here, no one else bid for him)
$7 - Antonio Callaway (dropped Cole to pick him up, wasted a full $10 here)

So overall I’m realising now I’m making some really reckless moves with my money and waivers, learning through experience I guess?