Downloadable player fantasy points/stats

Anyone know a site where I can download fantasy stats/points scored for all NFL for Excel? I checked out Fantasy Pros but didn’t see anything.

Not sure if this is downloadable or not. But…thought this might help…at least a little. Hope it posts the link right.

It copied and pasted pretty easily, so that worked well. Thanks!

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FABULOUS!!! LOL…I put a shortcut on my laptop desktop. Great info to have. THANKS A MIL for bringing up the thought via your post!!! :+1:

One thing I liked is that It gives you the stats/pts for every year all the way back to 2013. Not sure…it may only go back 5 years. So for anybody that might want those stats, would prob be a good idea to get them before the 2019 season starts.

Just a thought. :smiley: