Doyle, Dickson or OJ Howard ROS

I’ve got OJ, and with the mess going on in TB, not sure what to expect going forward. Prob won’t get the chance to grab Doyle or Dickson off WW this week since I’m most likely gonna be towards the bottom of the priority list, and any worthy TE’s are always gonna be a HOT WW TARGET this year. BUT…just curious as to what the general consensus would be here.

Thanks y’all. PPR

For me I’m trusting OJ

Yeah…he didn’t do too bad the past couple of weeks with Winston back. Reckon I’m just kinda kicking my own butt because I Drafted Doyle, but then got tired of sitting on him all those weeks. Didn’t know what to expect from him when he came back. Players coming back off major injury are always speculative.

BUT…as I mentioned…just such a mess in TB not knowing what’s gonna happen between Fitz and Winston.

So…thanks my friend. Any and all thoughts always help.

Just know every OJ touchdown I’ll be celebrating with you, I’ve got him on my team too. He has done well with both, but I’m hoping Winston remains the starter so the target share can raise his floor.

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LOL…you too buddy!!!

I think at some point Winston will be back. Not this week as far as I can tell, but Keotter has pretty much made it VERY CLEAR that Winston is still in the near foreseeable future. AT LEAST FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO. SOOOO…just a “wait and see” situation right now. :smirk:

BTW…LOVE your new PROFILE PIC/ID logo!!! :grin:

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@UpsettiSpaghetti…forgot to add…I also have Evans…which makes this dilemma even tougher for me. LOL (sorry…just an afterthought I just realized I’d forgotten to include in my OP)

LOL…do those people know what HELL they bestow on us FFB owners with this back and forth on the players???

LOL…just being spouty with that last comment…they couldn’t care less about us FFB players out here…and rightly so. :wink:

I also had Evans, actually I still have him for the remainder of this current week. He gave me an awesome parting gift.

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I think it’s Doyle if he’s healthy honestly. Howard will be fine just usage typically down if Fitzmagic is the starter he favors WR more. Dickson I think can be good but it’s a small sample size and that’s a run first team the volume isn’t there. Doyle is constantly on the field and I think he’s a solid TE rest of season

DIckson isn’t even in the picture.

Doyle and OJ are both great. Take your pick. Given how much Indy uses TEs historically though, Doyle gets the slight edge. But the way Howard is used and his ADoT makes him appealing. That and the fact that I picked him as one of my top guys in the offseason so seeing him play out and cheering for him on a weekly basis is also great for me.

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@MikeMeUpp. Yeah…I reckon that’s one of the reasons I’m kicking my own butt right now concerning Doyle. But hey…I did what I felt I had to do. Sat on Doyle for what felt like FOREVER!!! Grabbed Jared Cook to get me by…finally dropped him and grabbed OJ once he got back. LOL…and look at Cook now.

Reckon I can’t win in the TE dept. this year. BUT…ain’t getting screwed by it either…WHICH IS MORE THAN MANY CAN SAY!!! :joy:

Anyway…not fussing about it…just trying to concrete my ROS. Sitting @ 6th place/out of 10 after this week…which still keeps me in the P/O pic at least.

Well you’ll be in good company with @UpsettiSpaghetti and myself!!! :grin:

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