Draft Advice - 0.5 ppr

I have the 6th pick in a 12 team 0.5 ppr Keeper league. I kept Michael Thomas in the 2nd and Aaron Jones in the 9th.

Looks like I’ll have the choice of Mixon, Gurley, Juju, or OBJ. Who should I go with?

I believe Juju may have the least risk but feel like I should go with an RB

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If those were my choices, I’d probably lean JuJu or OBJ. Those RBs don’t provide 1st round value to me. Gurley with the injury and Mixon, while solid, still don’t know what that offense is really going to look like especially if Green misses games. You know JuJu or OBJ will deliver excellent value, especially JuJu in PPR. I’d be happy taking the risk of getting a solid RB on the way back, knowing I already had Aaron Jones. Depending on keepers, you can probably get someone like Kerryon or Freeman, which I’d personally be happy with if I had JuJu and MT. And who knows, Gurley might still be there… Update: Didn’t realize you lost the 2nd rounder. I’d still be comfortable waiting to the 3rd for RB though.

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Thanks! Yea that’s what I was thinking. I’m leaning Juju over OBJ just cuz I know Baker likes to spread the ball around so although OBJ will be a monster, who knows what Cleveland looks like this year with all the playmakers. I’m hoping in the 3rd there’s a decent RB that comes back to me to pair with Jones. Def was against going with those RBs because the value wasn’t too great but wanted to see what others thought

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Obj. Juju certainly has the ability to be the clear number one but not having Antonio brown on the other side of him really puts all the attention on him. You know obj can be the man.

OBJ if he is there