Draft Advice? Dynasty

My Buddy has set up a new Dynasty League and the Startup Draft will take place soon.

I’m new to Dynasty, so I’m in need of advice / tips. Hit me up with your gems!!

Assume it will be 12 Team, PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex. Unknown draft position.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Can you trade draft pick? Is the initial draft veterans only or will it include rookies/rookie draft picks? Separate 2019 rookie draft?

My advice for a start up dynasty is that you should absolutely go auction for all start up drafts. Now my best advice to you fits snake and auction, DONT overvalue youth and under value older players that may only have 2 or 3 years left. Those players become huge values that can help now while younger guys develop


Can trade draft picks.

Initial draft is Veterans only - with a separate 2019 rookie draft to follow

Agreed. This is what I was going to say too. Yes dynasty is for the long haul, but the easiest time to win can be right away when everyone is trying to build a young roster you can get guys like Julian Edelman super late. Remember it’s a 3 year window to look at, not 10 year.


I advise highly against a snake style draft and also excluding rookies for the main draft.

A dynasty startup should be auction style only and should include every player. No one earned a draft pick, why should a few teams get the best rookies because they got lucky with a random draw?

Who you draft effects your team for years to come, you shouldnt be “stuck” with a team based on a draft pick.

think about it, how much more of an advantage would someone have if they got lucky enough to draft top 3 in both the vet draft and the rookie draft?

Put everyone on equal ground, if you want a guy then pay for him. dont be automatically excluded from getting gurley, barkley, etc because you get the 7 pick or something like that.

The biggest thing ive learned in my 10 years of dynasty is dont just focus on the future. If you always look into the future you can never be looking at the now and may never win your league. You need a good mix of young talent and established studs and consistent depth.

Fear of making moves because you have a guy that you think is going to be a stud in 2-3 years will hurt you. (this is more for when you are making roster decisions in the future). Keep this in mind when you draft, dont fill your team full of high ceiling 1 year wonder type of guys, you need some good vets to anchor your team around.


In all cases where I’ve see a separate draft (vets and rookies) it has been snake. If this is the case, than the rookie draft should be inverse the initial startup draft order.

I’m not saying one way or the other (snake vs auction) but that’s how execute it fairly when doing a snake draft.

I’m a listener of the Commission Impossible podcast. Assume you’re aware of Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell? In a recent episode they talked about collusion during an auction and how it was almost a given. This was the first negative I’d heard of auctions. Even despite this comment they both vastly prefer auction to snake. I’m wondering what others experience has been?

ive never experienced collusion in any of my startups and those have mainly been 20 and 32 team startups.

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In a 20 or 32 team league you essentially have to do an auction. You’re hand is forced.

in a 10 -12 team league I think there is a case to be made for either snake or auction.

The Hitman made an interesting comment the other day. He said that there are no sleepers in an auction. As soon as their name is called everyone/anyone can google them and find out their deal. Whereas in a snake you can take advantage of a late round sleeper or someone who has fallen in the draft.

Thanks for the input. I should find out the details shortly, so will know if I can get it changed to auction or not.

Any ideas on popular strategy? I’m thinking it’s worth claiming a TE early, like in the fourth? How about Mahomes? Is he worth even a third rounder?

Back to the original question by @DS1 Another strategy in a dynasty snake draft is to trade back. Or in Auction it’s often refereed to as Stars and scrubs.

In short:

  • keep your first three round picks or move around in the first three rounds. There are your cornerstone players.
  • Trade your 4th, 5th, and 6th, round players to acquire multiple 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th round players.
  • increase depth at value
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I get the sleeper not being a sleeper arguement against auction. But I’ll pay that for a chance to buy elite talents.

One of my dynasty startups last year did a slow auction draft on MFL with a max of 30 players on the board. That was a lot of fun. It was proxy bidding and it only reset the auction timer when there was a new high bidder. 24 hour timer per player.

I heard that comment about collusion as well on the commission impossible podcast. I think that can happen if you do a slow auction draft in a league where the players know each other. I’m not sure how you would be able to tell though… I think Ryan made a comment about how the collusion issue pertained more to a rookie auction, but I don’t really know any leagues that do an auction for rookies unless it’s in the same year as the veteran startup auction.

To be fair, my 20 and 32 team leagues use 2 player pools, 1 per conference, so its essentially 2x 16 team leagues, i no longer do 20 teams. But also snakes do work better in “smaller” leagues than they do in big leagues.

In dynasty though, im not sure sleepers really apply like they do in the normal redraft snake leagues. You dont build your team strictly for this year, but for years to come. Typically those sleeper “picks” would come near the end of the draft when owners have full teams already or are out of cap to bid with. Thats when you want to try and grab those sleepers, or the other strategy would be to try and sneak them in at the beginning when everyone is focused mainly on getting the stud big name players.

I do want to follow up my comments though with this: My leagues are very unique and my experiences are based on my leagues, i dont play in anyone’s leagues but the leagues i run. I dont have experience in smaller size auctions and i dont run auctions every year since i dont start leagues every year. So, my thoughts may be skewed because of this, but should still be considered.

@DS1, if you do a snake style draft, i think you have to throw out a lot of the typical strategies when it comes to drafting for dynasty depending on the size of the league and what the player pool might be like. Mahomes can win you leagues and will be on your team for years to come. Streaming is less prevalent in dynasty if the roster sizes are big enough, but my experience is with 16 team player pools where qbs are never on waivers and hard to come by when rookies can go on a taxi squad. So if streaming is an option i would wait on a qb a few more rounds, but i wouldnt wait until round 10 like the guys suggest when discussing redraft leagues. I would actually consider taking a TE high, before a qb if you are taking kelce/ertz/?kittle? because the difference between them and the rest is huge.


For sure, when I referred to a TE pick, I think it’s a decision on grabbing one of those 3 guys in the 4th/5th otherwise I’m waiting until like 8/9th to grab a filler.

I also mention Mahomes specifically as he’s a bit of an outlier - he could theoretically lock up my QB spot for 10+ Years. As you say, the lack of streaming is something to consider, but I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up a top 10 guy in a later round. And I’ll assume everyone rosters 2-3 qbs depending on roster size.

I do intend to find some ADP info, just as a gauge of when certain positions start to get taken.

Well said!