Draft advice for crazy scoring

Joined league with some crazy scoring because I was invited by one of two friends that actually play. Offense loses 3pts for sacks n K loses pts for various missed fg seem to be most unusual. Thinking I should care more about K I draft n give more weight to OLine my QB has. Thoughts?

The 3 pts for sacks adds some value to oline but probably also boosts value for mobile/running QBs (Cam, Wilson, Watson, etc).

I wouldn’t focus on K TBH. You can still stream guys who make enough FGs to get you by. No chance I’m altering draft strategy for K. Much rather get my skill position starters/depth figured out.

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Thanks. Helpful

Don’t worry about kickers but see who got sacked a lot/little last year and adjust you ratings for that. Wilson I think was sacked 43 times which is -129 points! That’s a pretty big deal!

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