Draft Advice for Half PT PPR League

I have the 2nd pick (1st round, 19th pick (2nd round), and 22nd pick (3rd round). I was originally going to go RB, WR, RB…but if i could get Gronk late in the 2nd round should I? It would give me a consistent advantage at TE, but if he isn’t available i’d go for Trey Burton. Thoughts?

WR definitely the way I would lean. I’m not big on gronk there. I like volume guys there like Thielen. But if you can get Allen or Cooper I don’t hate it

I would target Burton. Then njoku if you miss on Burton. Doyle if you miss there somehow.

FWIW, I had this pick in this format and went 3 rb (Gurley, Howard, McKinnon) . Then picked up Jarvis and Tate in the 4th and 5th. Then got burton in the 7th or 8th.

Gronk in the late 2nd is totally fine. He’s going to be a monster this year. Especially with Edelman out early. He is the top target on a brady let patriots offense. But if you want value for him, could wait till the 3rd. That’s where you ideally want to get him. Cause in the 2nd round there, you can probably pick up someone like AJ green. He’s been falling to an incredibly low spot in drafts which is a bit insane to me cause he was a top 10 WR last year and that was his floor / worst season ever.

For me personally, it’s gronk or bust. Burton getting too much hype for me and I don’t really want to pay a 7th/8th round draft pick for him. I’d much rather wait till the double digit rounds to grab a high upside guy like Jordan Reed / Njoku or stream.

Thanks guys! I ended up getting Le’Veon Bell, then with Gronk on the board at the end of the 2nd round i took Davante Adams and then Gronk was drafted right after. I ended up taking Trey Burton in the 10th round. Overall i liked my draft.

That’s solid. I would’ve gotten adams over gronk as well. And Burton for 10th round pick is definitely fine.