Draft Advice for leagues with Bonus points?

So I am playing in a league this year that give like 1 and 2 bonus points for these things below

40+ and 50+ TD pass
300+ and 400+ passing yard games

40+ and 50+ rushing TD
100+ and 200+ rushing game

40+ and 50+ receiving TD
100+ and 200+ receiving game

Does your rankings or draft strategy change any in these leagues at all?? Or would you just use this scoring system as a tie breaker between 2 players and not put much stock in it.

This is a 10 team Full PPR league… So my thought process is would I target Diggs over thielen because he might get the extra bonuses? Or maybe tyreek hill gets a boost?

Any advice or articles you could give me on preparing for a league with some added scoring would be greatly appreciated

nope. only thing it really does is give the nod to big play specialists when your comparing 2 players.

lets say you are trying to decide between juju and tyreek hill. you like them both equally and are struggling. then it might sway you to take tyreek instead because big plays are his game. otherwise it changes very little for me.

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Rankings don’t really change for me. When choosing between a handful of players I’d prioritize the ones with more boom and big play ability.

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