Draft advice needed for 18 team draft

I just joined a full point PPR work league that consists of 18 teams with 7 bench spots! It’s a snake draft and I find myself without a strategy. With huge gaps between picks do I just take the best player available? Will streaming a QB or TE even be an option? Just take RBs with my first two picks? HELP!
P.S. I don’t yet know what spot I’ll be drafting from.

Holy shit! 18 teams!

Take a breath and … damn. 18 teams?!

Wow. So my recommendation is to pick really good players.

I am in a 16 team league but we have double headers first two weeks and last two weeks, so just like you, a lot of though goes into your strategy. Finding out where you are drafting will help your strategy greatly. If you are drafting in the first half I would probably lean towards drafting a RB (D.Johnson, L.Bell, E.Elliot (be mindful of the suspension) Mccoy, Freeman). However, I wouldn’t go RB/RB first two picks, it will be tough to make up the WR position later on in a deep draft. If QB’s have your typical scoring, they wait on them and pound on the RB/WR positions. Also, keep in mind you are going to win your draft in the middle rounds (5-9) so try to do a lot of mock drafts if you have time and change up who you are taking in the first two rounds to see the different outcomes. Let us know how it goes and good luck.

depth, depth, depth. pick a QB at the end of a run of them, otherwise dont worry about QB or TE. seriously, all you need to worry about for the first… hmmm 8 rounds? maybe 10 rounds? is depth at RB and WR. if its me im taking as many options as possible at both, and hoping i find a guy who hits. and i honestly might go RB RB to start. lets say its an even split, in the first round half of the players taken are WR, other half, RB. lets also say you have the number 1 pick. so you will have DJ, and a danny woodhead, carlos hyde, gillislee or spencer ware. lets also say the split stays the same, 50 50 until your next pick and you didnt go RB RB. your second RB will be one of the rookies, perine or hunt more than likely. would you rather have one of them plus a golden tate type player, or have gillislee and a deshaun jackson? mind in this senario no mater what you are not getting a top flight WR but i think it is worth it to shore up the most scarce position in fantasy football. if its me im looking at that RB RB and thinkin, i can find WRs later. they wont be near as good but in an 18 man you have to give up something somewhere. i would rather not have a total of 10 points in my RBs when i could have a total of 20 in my WRs with a total of 25 in my RBs. points scored i mean.