Draft advice needed

I have pick 1 in a ten team. I go either lev or Todd in all mocks, and from there my next two picks (20 and 21) typically aj and mike are there and I think they’re the best available. The problem is with my next picks, it’s a step down at rb and guice and kenyan are typically the only two left so I’ve been trying out receiver heavy. Should I take jerrick instead at 21 or mixon or stick to wr heavy and go aj mike fitz juju/coop/demaryius then dion Lewis with my next pick? Just need a little advice

i have had the same kind of delima. so i go WR heavy usually. because with bell, or gurley you already have your RB advantage. and a strong one at that. it would be nice to have 2, but ill take positional advantages at other spots over forcing an RB. and i think mixon and mckinnon that early are both forcing it. so i have been basically ignoring RB and getting WRs to either start, or trade later. and i have gotten deals on CJ Anderson and latavious murray super late. rookie RBs that should see good production in the mid rounds. im actually perfectly happy going WR heavy again for the first time in a while.

I will actually have to (respectfully) take a different route than @BusterD here. I would promote going RB, WR, then RB again mainly because I tend to be more uneasy about leaving a draft being RB lite vs WR-lite especially in a 10-team league where you won’t have as difficult of a time finding a sleeper WR vs RB. Sure you can find guys to plug in at RB but landing two solid (and consistent) RB’s is hard enough esp factoring in injury risk.

I say all of this with the caveat that I typically avoid WR heavy drafts altogether.


hey we are all entitled to our opinion here. its when youre a dick about it, that it becomes a problem lol. besides, i expect to be disagreed with. its a fantasy football forum after all haha.

my main thing is i always subscribe to use what is given to me to benefit from. if i pick 1.01 and take gurley, then before i pick again 16 RBs go, im going to take a WR. and twice. i just dont push positions because of what i want. i want to have 2 RBs that are studs, but it doesnt always happen. im a very go with the flow drafter. i always tell people to be bruce lee. be water. flow with what is given to you. these days, WRs are the best values.

but you do bring a good point about 10 man waivers. thats a good reason to push a position, if you know you can get good value later because the pool will be so large. ill have to keep that in mind myself as a tie breaker of sorts. not that i didnt already, but i should put more emphasis on that.

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I love Mixon this year, so he’d probably be my pick… But philosophically speaking, I do think your top pick at RB with the #1 does support securing WRs with your next two picks. There are also a lot of sleeper RBs this year who should still be in on the flip, whereas the reliable WRs will be gone. And I’d much rather trust a rookie RB than rookie WR.

I do support the doctrine of best player available and would fully admit I am prob way too “rigid” in my approach to a snake draft (more experience in auction). However, I will always practice with the belief that there are a lot less reliable RB’s vs WR’s when you are dipping into the 4+ rounds.

So I’ve tried either doing lev aj mike fitz/juju and Lamar. I think Lamar currently is a great value. But what do y’all think?

In ppr redrafts I would lean towards the RB side. Even if you wanna take gronk or Kelce it wouldn’t be awful. I would highly recommend not being committed to a strategy though. It should be depending on who goes where then you decide who to take. Use the tiers the UDK lays out for us. Even if you don’t like the later RBs, ppr makes a lot more WR relevant. Look for the mid round guys with a solid floor in ppr like Crabtree and hopefully you can get fitz rd 4 if it’s only 10 team. And even Edelman/hogan should go in rd 6/7. Just something to think about

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Pick your guys. Simple as that. RBs are limited so it never hurts to snag a solid RB2. But if you ended up with Green or Evans you can always use one of them as a trade piece and upgrade your RB2 down the line. Rosters should be ever changing! I traded away DJ two years ago after I had some injuries plague my roster. And while it sucked to get rid of THE BEST PLAYER the resulting chain of trades lead me to a #FootclanTitle