Draft advice. On the clock!

some I’m almost on the clock in my rookie draft and some weird moves have been made. 1 have the 1.05 and so far 01-barkley 02-Ridley 03-Moore 04-TBD
I was planning on Royce freeman at 1.05 but now I have Penny, Michel, Guice on the board at 1.05. Do I try and trade back or take one of these guys ahead of freeman. Im not sold on these other guys but all the experts can’t be wrong. advice please foot clan.

I would go Penny if he’s there, otherwise try and trade back a couple spots and grab freeman.

im so unsure about Penny and Seattles offense.

Michel or Penny. Ridley with the 1.02 is crazy, what are the details of the league?

PPR 12 team 20 man rosters 2 taxi 2 IR. NFL sets

I would try to trade back. See if you can get 1.2 value for the 1.5 pick.


I believe you’ve met my fitness consigliere…Michel

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I’m a Michel fan but I think Penney is the safer pick. More guaranteed volume. I wouldn’t trade back with those options available

Guide is off the board at 04. Michel and Penny still there. I may have a trade back to 1.09 with a Brown. Waiting for his counter offer now. Clock stopped at 8pm and resumes at 8am tmro

Freeman has a clear path to the starting job. All he has to do is beat out booker, and booker couldn’t beat out CJ last year.

Traded the 1.05 and woods for the 1.09 and Alshon

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Got Royce Freeman at 1.09

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