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Draft Advice Please


My current Dynasty League roster is:
A. Peterson
I. Crowell
A. Abdullah
Ty Montgomery
Amari Cooper
Demaryius Thomas
Willie Snead
Sterling Shepard
Mike Evans
Jimmy Graham
Kyle Rudolph

The League is a 10 Team, full point PPR.
I have the 5th pick in the draft, which is rookies and veterans.
I’m pretty sure when it’s my pick I will have the choice of M. Lynch, Corey Davis, or Kareem Hunt.
Looking at my roster which way would you guys go?
I’m stuck between Lynch and try to win now, or Davis and play for next year.


Considering you already have Cooper I wouldn’t want to put both my eggs in the Raiders basket. I actually like Hunt. Especially with Ware injury. Chiefs traded up to get this guy and he was productive as anyone in college at Toledo.

Honestly it’s a coin flip between Davis and Hunt based on your RB needs. You’re stacked at WR


The Ware news today changes the picture for sure. The guy picking in front of me owns Ware. So now things may be different. Still hoping Mixon falls to me. It’s a long shot, but we’ll see.


I like Hunt a lot now Ware is probably gone for the season. McCaffrey is also a nice option if he falls to the 5th pick.