Draft advice RB/TE

In a standard scoring auction league, would you rather walk away from the draft with Elliot and Kelce or Cook and Hockenson?

In a vacuum Zeke and Kelce but how much more their going to cost at the expensive of the rest of the team vs the cost of Cook and Hock. Id save the cost difference and be fine with Hock to have a better rb2 or wr2

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I’d rather have Kelce and Elliot.

In standard I think you can even take a downgrade at TE from hockenson. I don’t see huge td upside for him, but 900 to 1000 yards isn’t completely out of the question.

Guys like Tonyan or Higbee probably have enough td potential to get quite close to same points in standard whilst you get stronger elsewhere.


Sure, Zeke and Kelce. But now you’re starting Darnell Mooney and Nelson Agholor at WR.

(And Agholors won’t fight without a leader.)

I think the cost will be equal

Let me rephrase your question:

“In a redraft league, would you rather have two 1st round picks, or a 1st and 5th?”

Obviously Zeke and Kelce are the preferred, but in an auction all comes down to cost. Paying up for a stars and scrubs roster can be a great strategy.

Wishing it doesn’t make it so.

Kelce usually goes for like $40 in an auction; Hockenson maybe $10.

Elliott and Cook will both be close to $60.

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