Draft Assistant from FantasyPros

Has anyone in here used Draft Wizard or Draft Assistant by FantasyPros? If so, whats your verdict on those tools? I am using the assistant for my mock drafts and I am really not that impressed… TBH I can draft much better players every round, but I am limited to my knowledge of the players… Wondering if anyone who uses these tools, how much relevance would you all give to their suggestions on drafting players?

I personally would never rely on the Draft Assistant to help draft my team…its not that intuitive. For example, in some mocks I’ve done its suggested I take Kelce over players like ODB, M Thomas, D Cook and others. This is odd to me considering my league doesn’t require us to start a TE and I had this info programmed into the draft setting. Why would I ever take a TE over a top 5 consensus WR? I dont trust the Draft Wizard.

One weird thing i’ve noticed is the Expert Percentages are wonky

If it’s on the overall tab it may have WR A listed as 45%
But then if you look at the WR only tab it has WRB at 60% and WR A at 30%.

Why wouldn’t WR B be listed higher in the Overall listing?

Overall i like their site and what they offer, in season stuff id great too, but it’s all just part of what i use for drafting/in season moves