Draft Big Board

Ok, so here is my big board. Pretty straightforward, with backups being guys I think may fall to my draft slot. If you see a big name behind a lesser name, it’s probably because I have them ranked too far apart to feasibly attain the better player at that pick.

What are your thoughts??56%20PM

I think I should also be clear here, it is a 6 pt QB league, 3 WR, and full PPR.

Also, DJ is my keeper, and the AB/Hopkins owner can only keep 1…it could end up crazily that 1 of them is available to draft late 1st due to other keepers.

Love the exercise and format!

Couple quick comments/questions:
-What are you using for ADP?
-Assuming 12 teams? 2.12 is too high to take Rodgers
-I don’t think AJ or McKinnon or Gronk will be there at 25 and 29 and 49 respectively. Have I misunderstood something?

i like the board. a few people i dont agree with, like taking any QB early. matt ryan is also questionable where you have him. but you target people in good situations late, or that have a ton of skill, which is nice. if its me i dont waste the 168 pick on a kicker, i would just wait. i would push back the D too but thats just preference. if you do those 2 things you can lock up lockett, and latavious murray, both fantastic late round guys. speaking of late round guys, i would swap john ross and kearse. otherwise i like the board.

Yes 12 teams. I was aiming at AR so high because since we’re a 6 pt QB league, and our league typically pulls QB’s early, I really like to get my top tier elite QB early. If you wait in the snake, and since I’m picking 12/1/1/12 I could have to wait so long and miss the top tier. It’s always worked well for me. For ADP I am basically using several rankings compilations, plus my own preference input, then looking at where they are falling. I am putting a ton of faith into myself to predict, but that’s where I am now.

I do need to check out some more ADP though.

Thanks for clarifying. Each league is different and you are wise to understand and strategize based on your league-mates. You do you, man!

If you are interested in a different view point, here are a couple articles that talk about 4pt vs 6 pt passing TD scoring.


I like this for Expert ADP:

You can choose PPR , 1/2 PPR and dynasty.

This is also helpful, because it’s people drafting now:

Interesting points they make at first glance. I definitely see the value in waiting, and I may do just that. I personally prefer to guarantee a top tier so I am less likely to suffer from boom or bust. My backup to this is that I know I put in more research than most of my league-mates, and my lower round picks and FAA grabs will tend to perform better. Lost the 'ship by 4 points two years ago and won it last year by 30+. Excited for the new year!

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