Draft board?

Hey fellow footballers, where is a good place to purchase a draft board/kit for a live draft? I could be wrong but I don’t think he udk comes with an actual draft board?

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FJ fantasy sports is a really good one I’ve used before.


On the league resources page, they posted an offline draft board. I know you said for a live draft but I’m actually going to use it for my live draft. I had to modify it since it’s set up for a 12 team league and have 14 members but I’m going to host a live draft for my league at my apartment and just use an HDMI cord to display the doc on the tv as we draft. And for anybody that can’t make it there live, I’ll have it on google drive too so they can follow along and text me their picks.

Here’s the link, not sure if it’ll work or not:

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I used the Fantasy Jocks kit last year for the first time and it was solid.