Draft board

Whats the best draft board to buy for a live draft? Whats everyones preference?

We’ve used ClickyDraft for the past two years and just connected a laptop to a large TV. It’s worked fine for us but I’ve also good things about the NFL.com one if you’d prefer a physical board.

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Just checked it out. Very cool! Here’s the link for anyone else who comes across this: https://clickydraft.com/draftapp/

I just make a draft board on Excel. Hook up your laptop to large TV. You just have to type in the picks. But that doesn’t take very long. All for FREE.
If not totally live draft, you can share the document on Google Docs they can follow along live. Works great.
Plus you can save you league drafts as an Excel file. Re-use year after year.

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We prefer a physical draft board and we’ve used Save the Draft for the last 5 years and have not been disappointed. $25 and always up to date. Highly recommend :+1:t2: