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Draft Boards


Interested to see how the footclan feels about draft boards. I’m a first time commish this year, I am trying to think of fun ways to spice up the draft and season in general. Does a draft board add anything to the draft or do you guys feel it’s largely unnecessary.


I am a new commissioner this year as well and will be doing a live in-person draft. I think it will definitely add a component to the draft by having everything up there so people can talk trash live.

Instead of having a physical draft board though, I will basically be putting up a excel on my big screen TV in the living room. My league will be a keeper league though which I think will also add an interesting dynamic in future year drafts.


I think a draft board for a live draft is a definite bonus, it adds a lot of interaction between the owners .


If you are having a live draft (in person), then a draft board is a great idea. It adds drama as each person has to get up and place a name on the board. You might find that people want to do that to music or make a speech each time a pick is made.

It also makes the draft a real challenge. So many people fall back to the site of choice ADP. Rewards those that put in the time. With a draft board, it’s all you baby (and the ADP you have brought with you - UDK!).


I am the commissioner of my league and I find that it is worth getting a draft board for a live draft. I have draft boards from all of our leagues drafts (8 years now) and its just a cool thing to keep and look back on.

Our league likes to sit, relax and drink during our draft, so what we usually do is whoever came in last place, last season, has to do all the stickers for us during the draft. (and also get us beer and snacks when requested)

Since its your first year, having everyone get up and put their stickers on the board is probably the best route.