Draft Capital 2022 - Darnell Mooney

10 team keeper x3

Selling at the deadline here. What '22 round pick would Mooney be worth? A fourth?

How do you keeper rules work.

I would not expect anyone to trade a 4th for Mooney. I’d accept a 6th or 7th in a 10 team.

Im new to the league so I kinda forget exact. But you get to keep 3 players - and can only keep a guy for two seasons. Yea fourth is steep - im just trying to imagine next year what his ADP is - especially if he keeps poppin. Also, I kinda have leverage cuz this guy really wants Mooney and im fine just not trading

I would get an understanding of exactly how keepers work before making moves.

As an example, in some leagues there is no draft cost. You keep three players and those are essentially your first three picks. In that type of league, picks are devalued. A first is actually a fouth.

In other leagues you use a draft pick to keep a player.

In the second scenario, if your trade partner has to give up a fourth to get Mooney and give up say a eighth pick to keep him, then that’s a steep cost.