Draft CEH with the 7th or play it safer?

Our draft is this Sunday as its the only tine all 12 can make it. I see the potential in him but at the same time worried he may be too risky at this current time. Do I play it safe or do i play for the upside. I’m leaning taking the risk but some advise would be welcomed. Thanks


What are your league starting requirements?

I’m open to the CEH at the 7th spot. But would not lock in pre-draft.

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^^ I agree. Never know who might fall to you. Locking in a pick before it happens you might end scrambling if he is picked even earlier. Which is a possibility with all this hype train, picking up speed.

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So I’m ironically in the exact situation. I’ve decided if there isn’t some key names that I would value higher ill roll on CEH at 7. His upside is to much to want to pass on Andy Redu coming off of a winning year and proven he can work young talent well. Notably I also am willing to take him over Henry whichay seem wild to some but I don’t see the same results he put up last year coming again.

What kind of league is it? Ex: Superflex, PPR, Redraft, Keeper, etc. I know in redraft leagues he’s going around the back of the 1st round. I don’t hate it. You definitely want to stay water, as the Footballers would say. Good luck.

Sorry forgot to mention it’s redraft. Thanks for your input

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If this is redraft I’d go with someone else. Dynasty is different.

This season is going to be a bit weird (duh) so in redraft I’d rather not roll with a rookie missing training camp and all that bonding time. In dynasty I’d consider it, but still likely that early. I get that is his ‘price’ but IMHO you are paying for the ceiling before he’s ever taken a snap in the NFL.

I have my shares of CEH from rookie drafts, but I took him(and all rookie RBs) with the understanding it’ll be probably 2021 before they do their thing. IF they do their thing. I would let someone else in redraft take the chance and instead find a different target.

Plus, with all this noise around him he might not even be there. Who knows how crazy folks will go for him. If they do, feel good in knowing a more proven talent is still out there for you to choose.

Just my two cents, but I hope they help!