Draft conundrum

I’m in a keeper league where I have DJ Moore in the 9th, have the 1.01 where I’ll take CMC, and find in my mocks that the RBs don’t fall to the turn, but Godwin does. Carolina and TB have a week 13 bye which is the first week of our playoffs. How would you proceed? Would you pivot the 1.01 to Saquan or Zeke? Don’t take Godwin at the turn even if he’s a tier break? Both? Thanks for the feedback.

I would definitely not pivot off CMC at the 1.01, and I wouldn’t be caring so much about a week 13 bye at this point. Draft the best roster you can. Maybe near the trade deadline if you see that being an issue based off the roster you drafted, if you’re solidly in the playoffs and you can trade to escape bye troubles.


I wouldn’t pivot from CMC. Draft the best team you can. If you absolutely feel compelled to do something from the options you listed, the I would do something different with Godwin. Actually, maybe not even keep DJ. Couldn’t you find other value in same tier through the draft?

Please see my draft question. Good luck!


My only other keeper option is Hollywood Brown in the 10th. I considered it, but Moore in the 9th is a lot more value and much higher floor.