Draft Day Keeper Trade

I am trading my keeper Julio Jones for their keeper Ezekiel Elliott in an 8 team full PPR league, I have the 8th pick, the person trading Zeke to me has the 6th, what does everyone think about that? I know getting Zeke at the 8th is near impossible so to me, for an aged Jones, it was a no brainer.

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I think this is great. Who else is being kept??

As of right now it’s looking like: David Johnson or Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, Melvin Gordon or AB, Le’Veon Bell, Michael Thomas or Mike Evans, and then us with Zeke and Julio

and McCoy probably

I’m just trying to gauge who I thought would fall to you, but I’m not sure

Hoping for maybe Saquan/Kamara/OBJ possibly

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With 8 keepers, idk if you’ll get them tbh

Knowing my league, I think one of those 3 may slip

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My family league is like that, so I understand lol