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Draft day locations


So looking to see where everyone does there live drafts. I’m needing to use a projector for my laptop. Some place that’s not a bar or bdubs. Can be tricky when people life in a about 25 miles radius or more. Thinking of a public library meeting room. They have those options I need. Where else have you guys met for a live draft?


We always rent a house/apt on airbnb. Everyone chips in for Food, keg, etc. Pretty good time, but takes some coordination and planning.


Conference rooms are a great location. They usually have everything you need plus can be rather affordable if the cost is split. Someone in your league might work at a business that has a spare conference room you can use. Churchs often will have spare rooms available as well that can be rented out for very little (although likely wouldn’t allow alcohol). We’ve used both in the past and they work great!