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Draft Day Question

Hey Footclan,

In previous years our league gets together in one place and drafts. Due to Covid we are drafting via Zoom. Do y’all have any suggestions to make it fun and interesting? I apologize if this needs to go into a different forum.

Stay safe out there,


Couple thoughts off the dome:

  • have people wear jerseys or their favourite team swag
  • online trivia or some sort of contest betting (use google forms)
  • food or drink contest based on appearance
  • use football related backgrounds (place you wish you could draft from, Zoom)
  • Setup physical draft board and have a separate camera pointed at it. That way when y’all get together there is something physical to reflect on.
  • draft speeches
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Thank you fun4willis! These are great suggestions. I’ll pitch it to my league and see what they say.