Draft Decision Help

I’m sitting at the 3.2 in a 10 team .5 ppr dynasty startup. Drafted Zeke and M. Thomas already. Cant believe that Keenan Allen is still here and want to grab him, but when I look at the rbs that are left, I’m not real excited about any of them. So should I take Allen and just try to find an rb2 I’m content with? Or should I leave Allen and take someone like J. Howard or J. McKinnon?

And if I take Allen, who is a rb that would fill the rb2 whole nicely?

IMO…Take Keenan Allen! Take him so hard!

Howard and McKinnon are both good options. What are the odds that either of them fall back to you?

Are you drafting with tiers?

I’m not using tiers. Howard I’d say possibly. McKinnon probably not with the hype. Other rbs I’m looking at would be all the rookies minus Barkley and guice, ajayi, and lamar miller. I just see all the other wrs I’d feel comfortable with as my wr2 better than the rbs

the luxury of having zeke, you can lean on some rookies or lower in potential guys at RB 2. i would skip on keenan if you went WR WR and you NEEDED someone. but right now you have the potential RB1 overall, and if you take keenan, 2 top 5 potential WRs for fantasy. i know it sucks leaving good options on the board like that with mckinnon and howard. but you can run with guys like penny later on, or even later on a ROJO, or CJ anderson much later. you have options for guys with upside now that you have your rock in Zeke.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your expertise. Went with Keenan